Insurance-Approved PA-46 Flight Training
Cabin-Class Mountain Flight Training
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VisionAir offers Insurance-Approved Initial, Recurrent, and Mountain flight training for Piper PA-46 Mirage, Matrix, Malibu, Meridian, Jet PROP, Cirrus, and TBM Aircraft.


David Purvis, President

By training with VisionAir, you can fly into exciting mountain destinations like Aspen, Telluride, and even Leadville, where you’ll get a certificate for landing your aircraft at the highest airport in North America! Learn why mountain instrument approaches are both different and exciting, and then go fly them in your aircraft. VisionAir has the ability to coordinate all aspects of aircraft ownership and flight training, from pre-purchase aviation consulting — securing the aircraft that will best fit your business and personal needs — to overseeing the complete management of your aircraft and providing professional and personal flight training and pilot services. Invest in yourself and the people you fly. Train with VisionAir.

I wanted to write and thank you for a great course.  I really enjoyed your course and meeting and flying with you.  I feel like I really benefitted from your on the job training.  I learned so much about mountain clouds, mountain approaches, leaning procedures, departures, night flying, etc.  I want to continue to improve but under good supervision.  Thanks for everything.

I know I will be out again!

Brant Thrasher

“VisionAir provided me with finish up instrument training — three days of oral preparation and flight training that completed my instrument rating. They also provided immediate support from partners to repair my aircraft without any delay in keeping on schedule. VisionAir’s ‘failure is not an option’ attitude kept me focused on completion and success regardless of circumstances.”

Steve Osborn, President, Hometite Systems

“VisionAir provided the instruction that allowed me to obtain both an instrument and commercial rating. They also provide me with cleaning services for both my aircraft and hangar. The instruction I received was customized to my needs, schedule and learning pace. Unlike some flight instructors, David remains a motivated instructor who takes a great deal of interest in the needs of his students and communicates his teachings in a clear, patient and logical fashion. I’ve had several instructors over the years and David is without doubt the best I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.”

Joe Lechtanski, Partner, Denargo Capital

“After purchasing my Turbo-charged Saratoga, the insurance company required 25 hours of dual instruction along with the high performance and complex endorsement. VisionAir was able to schedule the transition training from Denver to Florida within a few days. We had a great cross country adventure in which I successfully completed the complex and high performance endorsements. We spent 20 hours doing pattern work, IMC flying, oxygen use at altitude, all types of approaches, night flying, mountain flying and high speed decent techniques. I would highly recommend VisionAir for your next training requirements.”

Robert Towe, President, System Tech Services Inc.

“VisionAir’s consulting services were a critical piece as our company selected and purchased our aircraft. VisionAir extensively researched and presented the pros and cons of each aircraft that fit our needs. They then assisted in the negotiations for the purchase of our aircraft. Their experience saved us time and we felt completely satisfied that we purchased the perfect aircraft for our business.”

Russ McCombs, President, Sunset Stone

“I researched a lot of avenues and only VisionAir could fill all my needs. Since then I used VisionAir for my instrument training as well as mountain training. VA also now maintains my aircraft’s hanger as well as keeps all my glass panel charts on a monthly basis. In short I am extremely pleased with the service I have received over the last couple of years. VA gives a quality service at a price no one else could match.”

John Shook, President, Better Foods Development Corporation

Professional   •   Safe   •   Approved by most insurance underwriters   •   Cabin-class mountain flight training located in the heart of the Rocky Mountain region   •   Be part of the VisionAir Family

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